6 Reasons To Get Involved In Societies At University

6 Reasons To Get Involved In Societies At University

One of the joys of University (apart from no one nagging you about washing your socks and being able to regularly wear fancy dress on a night out) is having the chance to try out lots of new hobbies and maybe find skills you didn’t know you had through societies! It might be the only time in your life in which you can try out such an array of activities, so here are some reasons as to why you should be getting involved:

1. You may just find something you love

For many people, the career path they go down isn’t directly related to their degree. Joining a society could spark an unexpected interest for something that you maybe hadn’t considered before. Many people in the creative industries, for example, discovered their passion through societies such as a Uni Newspaper or radio show, performance societies or creative writing societies.

2. It’ll give you plenty to talk about in interviews and on your CV

For most graduate jobs, you’ll need to demonstrate that you have experience of working as part of a team to achieve a common goal. Almost everyone has had to work on group projects at University as part of their course, so saying this won’t often set you apart from the crowd. However, being part of a sports team or any other society that involves teamwork will give you an extra talking point that could make all the difference for you.

3. More excuses to socialise

With every society comes a new opportunity for another night at the pub, or another Christmas social. I met the majority of my Uni friends through societies rather than on my course, and it was refreshing to meet people doing other courses and from other halls! 

4. Employers don’t just want grades

When you’re applying for roles, bear in mind that the employer won’t only care about your grades. They’ll also want to see that you can demonstrate other interests; it’ll show that you are a well-rounded and interesting person.

5. Positions of responsibility

Societies often will come with positions of responsibility, such as President, Social Secretary, or Treasurer. Not only will this be a valuable experience for you, but it’ll also be a great example of leadership and organisation skills that you can talk about in interviews. 

6. It’s a great opportunity to do something you’re passionate about and take your mind off the stress of studying

At the end of the day, societies are a whole lot of fun! They’re an opportunity to do something that you enjoy and can provide a welcome break from the stresses of preparing for exams and dissertation writing.