6 Benefits of an Assessment Centre

6 Benefits of an Assessment Centre

What is an assessment centre? 
An assessment centre is a group interview in which you complete tasks and exercises which allow recruiters or companies to see the skills needed for the role at hand. For example, an assessment centre for recruitment roles will involve testing team work or how well you can sell something.

Whilst applying for grad schemes or graduate roles, candidates are often faced with Assessment Centres as the chosen interview method here at 1PGR we have compiled a list of 6 reasons why:

1) Group tasks are a far more insightful way of assessing candidates – and they’re fun!

Group tasks at an Assessment Centre are a far more accurate way of candidates showcasing their skills. Candidates can put into practice the skills and strengths they have told us about straight away. Plus it’s far more enjoyable interacting with others and getting stuck in!

2) The pressure is off those who don’t have previous experience

Rather than going through the mundane competency questions like “give me an example of when you handled a difficult customer in a previous role”, fresh grads get the chance to show us their personality and shine regardless of previous experience (or lack of). Candidates won’t be judged on what they have done instead what they do on the day is far more important.

3) You get a greater insight into the role and industry

The candidate experiences first-hand the environment they will be working in. Assessment Centres provide a diverse interview experience and therefore a chance to see if the role, and indeed industry, is right for them. In the long run, knowing a successful candidate has gone through this selection process, the company can be assured that they have selected someone who understands the role.

4) Candidates get the opportunity to network

Rather than spending the day on their own interviewing, candidates get the chance to network with like-minded people who they very well may end up knowing later down the line when working in the industry together. Candidates also get the chance to share experiences, tips and advice with each other rather than having the solitary experience of a one-to-one interview. 

5) Clients can differentiate between candidates who on paper appear to be quite similar

Assessment Centres provide a more transparent way of assessing candidates. Candidates who may otherwise be difficult to choose between show different skills when asked to do the range of tasks only an assessment day permits.

6) Presentations are a great way of showcasing skills learnt at University

Chances are candidates have done presentations at university not so long ago. At assessment centres they get the chance to use these skills they spent the last three years honing.