8 Skills you use over Christmas that transfer perfectly to Recruitment

8 Skills you use over Christmas that transfer perfectly to Recruitment

Considering working in recruitment but don’t think you have the necessary skills? You thought wrong.

This Christmas whilst back at home for the holidays sitting by the fire in your Christmas jumper and slippers tucking into some cold turkey sandwiches you are going to be using various transferable skills without even realising that they are perfect for recruitment!

These 8 skills you will use over Christmas transfer perfectly into a professional recruitment role:

1) Networking

Recruitment is all about speaking to lots of different people and networking. This is often done using LinkedIn, at uni fairs or at events with work colleagues or friends. This Christmas when you all squish in the car to go and catch up with family you haven’t seen since last December, these networking skills are exactly what companies look for when hiring a recruitment consultant.

2) Relationship management

In recruitment managing relationships is crucial. Whilst at home placating your crazy aunt or your Nan who moans about how everything is not how she likes it, you’re managing difficult relationships, which is a key attribute. As a recruitment consultant you will be speaking to new people on a daily basis having to manage the expectations of both clients and candidates and keep everyone happy – even the difficult ones!

3) Negotiation

When those two young cousins are fighting over who plays with the new train set first on Christmas day, or who gets the wishbone use your negotiation skills to calm down the situation. This will be a key transferable skill you will use daily, but even more when you need to secure that deal you’ve been working hard towards.

4) Team work

What better way to show team work than getting stuck in and help prepare the veg on Christmas morning, to pull a Christmas cracker or even better get involved in team Pictionary. 

5) Resilience  

People often describe being a recruitment consultant as a roller coaster ride, one day you will have someone accept an offer and the next someone might just disappear off the radar after securing them an interview with your top client. It’s all about keeping positive and not giving up. Getting through that 2nd or 3rd helping of Christmas dinner is what I’m talking about here, don’t give up, make the most of this day that comes but once a year! Get those comfy trousers on people!

6) Time management

3pm on Christmas day strikes and where are you? On the sofa with a full stomach ready for the queen’s speech of course! Not with bad time management skills though. Make sure you plan your lunch and present opening in time for the speech or your favourite Christmas film on TV.

7) Communication skills

We read ‘great communication skills’ on every job spec for recruitment and sales roles so what better way to practice these than in a game of charades. Really listening and interpreting body language and signals will allow you to go the extra mile in recruitment allowing you to secure that deal leading to a nice pay cheque at the end of the month or quarter. For more detailed information on 1PGR advice on Body Language see our blog:

8) Professionalism

Last but not least, after a few days with all the family over, when you've had enough and want to tell everyone its home time, keeping that smile on your face until the last car pulls away from the drive will keep everyone happy.
Client and candidate meetings always require this level of enthusiasm and to remain professional. If neither party respect you and vice versa no deals will be made which means no commission!

Hope you enjoyed this fun, festive twist on the skills required in recruitment.

1PGR wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!