1PGR: How We Can Help You

We know that one of the core challenges businesses face is to attract and retain the best talent. The 1PGR recruitment model ensures that candidates are not only set on a sales or recruitment role, but also that they are bought into our clients and know the value of the company names we work with.

Our four stage interview process tests a candidates knowledge, motivations and career aspirations, making sure they are not only right for a sales based career but have the determination and skill set needed to achieve in it.

Never hired graduates into your sales or recruitment team before? See below as to why it could be the perfect investment for your company. 

The 6 Benefits of Hiring Graduates

  • Return on Investment

    Graduates offer big ROI, something our existing clients will attest to. Picking processes up and developing the necessary skills quickly allows them to jump in on the job, and make money for your company from early on.

  • Bought Into Your Brand

    Following interview with us, we begin selling your company to them. By attending interview sessions yourself, this buy in begins even earlier. Encouraged to research, graduates buy into the company in a way no experienced hire can.

  • Ready to mould

    Coming straight from university, or with a few months experience under their belt, they are eager to continue their learning and develop. This means they can be moulded to your brand and reflect the company ethos completely.

  • New Perspectives

    Coming from campus life, graduates see things from a new angle. This enables you to streamline processes, edit scripts and add a new spin onto existing work styles. This new perspective also adds zest to a team which may have been lost. 

  • Ambitious and Money Hungry

    Graduates have spent a minimum of three years living off student loans, with the occasional part time job thrown in. They want to earn money, and lots of it! Baked beans on toast no more, they yearn for a finer lifestyle.

  • Affordable

    A graduate’s salary is a fraction of that of an experienced hire. However their raw talent, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn means they are a sound investment. In addition to this, as the salaries are lower, recruitment fees are too!

What 1PGR Can Offer You

Alongside the quality, driven and committed graduates we work with, we offer a range of recruitment solutions to fit your requirements.

From tailored assessment centres, national advertising campaigns, networking events and featured website pages, our recruitment offerings ensure that you have maximum exposure to the right graduates for your investment, so securing you the top talent who fit not only the role, but your company as well.

Recruiting talented young people is vital for business success. In such a competitive marketplace, we understand how important engaging and retaining the young and fresh talent is in your company’s long-term success. 

Clients We Work With: