1PGR Tailored Approach

Graduate Sales and Recruitment are competitive marketplaces, and so we have developed a number of additional features to give you an advantage. This method is perfect for multiple vacancies and building teams in a short space of time.

The 1PGR Tailored Approach is for us to market and advertise your specific role extensively, using additional branding and advertising channels. This engages candidates with your brand early on and makes the opportunity that much more tangible, ensuring the top calibre of graduate is bought in.

1PGR also sponsor a number of university sports teams including Exeter University Rugby Union and Loughborough men’s Hockey teams. Our presence within these teams and the brand ambassadors that promote 1PGR on campus mean we have a direct link to the graduates we work with whilst they still study, and so can begin brand buy in for your company at an early stage.

Once applications have been received the normal screening process beings, but during the telephone interview questioning will relate specifically to your company and role. Successful candidates are then invited to an assessment centre, again run specifically for your company.

Whilst there is no financial cost associated with this method of recruitment, we do need an investment of your time to attend the assessment centre run for you. The day and time will be arranged to suit your diary and generally no more than 10 days notice is required for this to be arranged. We will pre-arrange with you provisional time to interview successful candidates as soon as possible after assessment.

Attending the assessment allows you to see how candidates behave in an environment completely different from the traditional interview scenario. It also allows you to hand pick the strongest and best suited to your business needs and particular team.

Please contact Philip on 02030060249 to discuss this option. 


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