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Progressive Digital Media

We are a content driven media company producing premium business intelligence, research services and marketing solutions for senior level decision makers. Working in a huge variety of sectors including telecoms, energy, media, healthcare, transport, retail, financial markets, food, wines and spirits to name but a few, Progressive Digital Media and our brands have become synonymous with quality, well researched intelligence and the other invaluable services it provides.

With headquarters in London and offices across UK, US, India and Australia, we serve our global customer base since our inception in 2007.

About Us

By offering our clients four products: business information, digital media, publications and events, we have been able to establish ourselves as a major played in the global business intelligence field. Selling our services to top clients has seen us grow and grow, becoming what is regularly referred to as one of the best sales teams in London.

With thousands of employees worldwide we are a highly motivated and successful sales team. Our brands include WMI, Kable, Canadean, Pyramid, Strategic Defence Intelligence and Timetric.

Our working environment is lively, engaging and boisterous and we live by the old adage ‘work hard play hard’!

Hiring Now

By contacting new clients, the Sales Executives within Progressive Digital Media  use their communication, negotiation and rapport building skills to build viable, long term business relationships. With KPIs and targets to hit, our Sales team are motivated and confident in their selling ability.

This is down to the exceptional training we deliver, tailored to each individual; using all of the years of experience gained by the Directors. With a structured 5 year development plan your career path is set out, so know exactly what you need to do to achieve your next promotion.

We ensure that you’re training and development is constant. Within 9 months you can be in management, with directorships available within 3-5 years.