How 1PGR Deliver

Having been in this business since 2006, 1PGR has grown to understand what makes a graduate great for a career in sales or recruitment. By assessing a graduates skill set, knowledge and ambition, the 1PGR consultants can accurately test their suitability for the role in general and also for specific companies.

1PGR also sponsor a number of university sports teams including Exeter University Rugby Union and Loughborough men’s Hockey teams. Our presence within these teams and the brand ambassadors that promote 1PGR on campus mean we have a direct link to the graduates we work with whilst they still study.

By meeting every client we have, we get to know you and your teams, so helping us understand what you will be looking for in terms of cultural fit. It also allows us to do our utmost when actually speaking with the candidate about the job.

Our four stage assessment process is thorough, extensive and something we are proud of as it not only enables us to select the perfect graduates for our clients but is also responsible for our average retention rate, which is well above industry norm.

This four stage process begins with CV screening to ensure that the graduates we work with are well rounded and have strong writing skills. This is followed by a telephone interview, from which they are invited to interview. At this face-to-face interview stage they must demonstrate the key skills and motivations we look for including confidence, communication, questioning & listening and time management through a combination of individual, paired and group activities. They are then asked to present and pitch themselves to the interviewers, explaining why they are right for, and committed to a career in sales or recruitment in London.

Only these graduates who demonstrate the core attributes that makes a great sales person make it onto our books, and being meeting with our clients. This means you will only see graduates who have what it takes to be successful in sales and means you don’t waste time and money interviewing candidates who will not grow your sales figures.

1PGR Statistics:

  • 1PGR receive over 12000 applications each month.
  • Of those, 5% are invited to interview.
  • From here, 1 in 200 pass our interview process meaning we only work with the top 0.5% of applicants.


Clients We Work With: