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How We Deliver

Amongst the challenges facing growing businesses is the ability to attract the highest calibre of sales talent to join them. At 1st Place, we have developed a recruitment model which succeeds in delivering the very best sales performers into your business, time and time again.

We have developed a qualitative assessment and selection process that only selects the highest achievers from our assessment centres.

We attract the best graduate candidates from the best universities to our assessment centres by a continuous cross media advertising campaign. We are active in all of the graduate press both online and in print. We also have a heavy presence at university careers services and graduate fairs.

As a result we have a continuous stream of talent applying to attend our assessment centres that only the biggest and best known companies could rival.

Once we receive an application we conduct a rigorous telephone interview and choose only the best to attend our assessment centre. At the assessment all the graduates get put through their paces. Each completes a series of individual, paired and group exercises, all designed to allow graduates to demonstrate their core competencies.

Only those that demonstrate the core attributes that make a great sales person make it onto our books. This means that you only see candidates that have what it takes to be successful in sales.  This also means that you don’t waste time and money interviewing applicants who will not grow your sales.