Interview Tips

Having all been where you are, we’ve learned a thing or two. All 1PGR interview tips and dos and don’ts have been collected together to give you the very best chance of securing your ideal graduate career. 

Each company is different and so will look for different things from you in an interview, however there are a few key points that will help you stand out from the crowd in every interview opportunity:

Know what you are interviewing for, and why
You applied for a job, you should know why! In the interview you will need to show your knowledge of the position and exactly why it aligns with your career goals. 

Prepare your argument as to why this job is right for you, why the company is right for you and last but by no means least, why you are right for the company.

Research! Research! Research!
Get stalking your interviewer on LinkedIn, read up on the company’s news and ensure you can give a blow by blow account of the company’s inner workings (according to its website). You will need to show you have put the time in to understand this future employer of yours.

It is always a good idea to take this research with you, printed off, so they can see you have done the work.

Take plenty of questions
You need to show you are interested, inquisitive and again have done your background reading. Take more questions than you think you will need as many will get answered through the course of the interview.

Keep the questions related to the company and the job; going off on a tangent about your interviewers Christmas or their trip to Cornwall they mentioned in passing shows you aren’t focused.

Don’t be late
It sounds so simple but it can happen so easily, especially in London. Do a dry run of the journey if you can, door to door and add an extra half hour on for unexpected eventualities on the day.

If this isn’t possible make Google Street View your best friend and let it lead the way.

Don’t be early
Arriving to your interview half an hour before you are due is a red flag. It interrupts your interviewer’s day and say you are a bit too keen…

Get to the area in plenty of time, but find a café or nice park to spend some time in collecting your thoughts and running over your notes before going in 5-10 minutes before.

Dress to impress
If ever in doubt over dress but you can ask your interviewer what the dress code is if you are unsure. As a general rule of thumb conservative, muted, professional business dress is the right way to go.

Avoid big jewellery, bright shoes, socks, ties and bags and garish make up and untidy facial hair. All will mask the brilliant first impression you are ready to make!