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Why should you choose a career in recruitment? The reasons are numerous but the main ones that make a career as a recruitment consultant so rewarding is down to the career progression, meritocratic working environment, and financial rewards available to you from day one. You may like to read some of our Candidate Testimonials to see what people have to say about us.

Recruitment is a predominantly sales driven role; if you’re considering sales you may like to also consider recruitment and vice versa. Many of the skills and attributes required for success are exactly the same for each. 

So, what will I be doing?

You can expect the first few months of any role to be heavily focussed on your training and development. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be doing any live candidate or client calling. In fact you can expect some good exposure to this from early on since this is a great way to learn.

The two main areas of recruitment that you can divide your day into are client-side and candidate-side activity.

You will start your career with a predominantly candidate-side focus; there is no point going out there and finding a client until you are certain that you can fill the vacancy with the right candidate! You will learn about advert writing, interviewing candidates, prepping people for interviews and giving them help and guidance from their initial application right through to the final stage - accepting the offer.

You will progress to working on client-side activity; business development - calling potential clients, meeting with them and finding vacancies to fill. In researching individual companies you will develop excellent market knowledge and this will allow you to act as a true consultant to your clients and advise them on how best to fill their vacancies. Client-side work can be tough, however for those that have the right mix of drive, empathy and determination, it will come naturally.

How much can I earn?

You can expect a basic salary of between £18000-24000 when you start. As a general rule, when you start generating business, this will increase, depending on each company. Many people will offer a pay rise when you progress from a candidate-side role (resourcer) into a more client-side role (consultant).

The real money in any recruitment role however is in the commission. With commission, you can easily double your basic salary in your first year. You will start to earn good commission when you are a consultant and are responsible for the 360 recruitment process (identifying a vacancy, setting up interviews, filling the vacancy). You can still earn commission as a resourcer in the majority of companies. Typically a good recruiter can earn £35-40k in their first year on a basic salary of £20k. It has not been unknown for people to take home upwards of £70k.

Commission is paid on the revenue that you generate. Percentages range from between 5-35% depending on how much revenue you have generated and it is often staggered and incentivised to make you bring in as much business as possible; a win-win situation for you and your employer! It is always good to enquire about the commission structure at interview stage - not only can you figure out how much you could earn but it shows you are thinking along the right lines. Good recruiters ask about commission, lazy ones ask about the basic salary!

Career Progression

In recruitment, it is really during your 2nd and 3rd years when you will earn big money. The reason for this is that all of the work you put into recruitment is cumulative; people may simply not be looking to hire when you call but will remember you for next time. The longer you stay in the business, the more this happens and as a result can expect a 2nd year salary of around £55-60k and 3rd year salaries may be anywhere between £70-100k+ or if you’re running a team, even more.

Within 12-18 months you will have had enough experience to progress into a team leader or managerial position. To get to this level you will need to show you are one of the best as well as having all the right leadership skills to boot.

If you would like to find out more, you may like to read some candidate testimonials.

If you think this career path is be for you, have a look through our vacancies, apply to those that interest you and we will be in touch.

Candidate Testimonials/Further Information

If you would like to read about what some of the people we have found jobs for have got to say then take a look at our Candidate Testimonials page to gain an insight into their experience. If you are looking for more detailed information about what type of recruitment you could be doing or to just get a more detailed picture about what exactly is on offer to you as a graduate then take a look at our Recruitment Sectors and Info page.