Recruitment Jobs

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of supplying candidates into your companies and organisations. By interviewing, screening and shortlisting candidates, your aim is to add a well appointed individual who meets business requirements to a team.

Recruitment can focus on permanent roles, temporary positions or contract jobs and runs across all sectors. A varied role, in 360 recruitment you are involved in every aspect from sourcing candidates and clients through to negotiating and securing offers of employment. 

Why is Recruitment Important?

Finding the right talent for a company or team is challenging. Very often, hiring is left up to management which can be a long and time consuming process. Outsourcing this recruitment process to a recruitment company or Recruitment Consultant allows your client to focus on other tasks, and then interview just the shortlist, saving the client massive amounts of time and effort.

The placement of the perfect candidate is not just about whether they can do the job, but also whether they fit into the company. 

What Does a Recruitment Role Entail?

Recruitment is a varied job, with many responsibilities to ensure the success of the recruitment process.

A 360 Recruitment Consultant will be responsible for many things such as bringing onboard new client by selling the service on offer (business development), advertising roles, screening CVs, interviewing candidates to ensure their suitability and get their requirements and subsequently creating a shortlist. This shortlist is then delivered to the client. Liaison between candidates and clients allows Recruitment Consultants to manage and coordinate interviews, and job offers.

Roles are filled by following client briefs on their requirements, but also by understanding the teams, the company culture and ensuring Recruitment Consultants consider a candidates personality to find the right team fit. This requires company research, meeting with Line Managers/Directors of the company.

Whilst speaking to candidates, Recruitment Consultants will always be keen to take names of colleagues of candidates for future roles they may be suitable for. These referrals can ensure a good talent pool to hand quickly upon a new role being secured.  

What Are the Benefits of a Recruitment Role?

Recruitment is a sales role and so has many of the same features and benefits.

Recruitment develops a skill set which includes many transferrable skills. A huge number of business leaders started their careers in a sales role and they have gone on to use this extensive skill set to their advantage. Gaining and developing communication, questioning, persuasion, negotiation, team work, time management skills among many others ensures you become a desirable asset and so more likely to progress.

Rewards are a major benefit of a recruitment role. Be in monetarily in commission or the opportunity to leave early if targets are hit, or take executive lunches or gym memberships, all ensure that sales people remain motivated and offer treats many other industries never do.

A final benefit of a career in recruitment is that experience gained. Rarely at graduate level are you given the opportunity to work so closely with business leaders in the hub of a company, seeing exactly where your hard work and effort is going.