Legal Recruitment Jobs

1st Place Graduate Recruitment is London’s leading specialist in attracting and selecting the most exceptional graduate candidates for graduate legal recruitment jobs.

As is true of all mid to senior roles being recruited for across the country, the best people for the job are usually already in a job. Top performers are rarely out of work, and if they are, it is because they can afford to be, and they will probably already have something lined up for when they return to work. This is most definitely true within London’s Legal market.

Top lawyers can command huge fees and as such, big law firms are keen to ensure that these fees go to them and not a competitor. As a result, attracting and retaining the best legal practitioners is big business. These professionals can command big salaries and therefore, recruiters can earn big fees. For those seeking exciting legal recruitment job opportunities, a law related degree is not necessary; however a strong interest in headhunting and recruitment is essential.

For legal recruitment jobs in London contact 1PGR today. Alternatively you can view the latest available graduate vacancies below.