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Sales - Graduate Career Paths

As a Graduate you are no doubt looking for a career that offers progression, training and a fantastic salary. A career in sales can offer you this life changing opportunity.

A position in a professional business to business sales role with one of our clients will offer you the chance to be in the top 1% of earners within 5 years. It is a career that lets you determine exactly how much money you make and where your pay cheque directly reflects how much harder and smarter you work every single month.
However it offers far more than just monetary rewards. A sales job is also the gateway to a successful business career. You will learn about how and why businesses operate which is demonstrated by the statistic that over 70% of UK business owners began their career in sales.

What is a role in sales like?

It is a dynamic and fast paced world with endless possibilities for growth and financial success.
In today’s technological world, clients are savvier than ever. The old method of  presenting ‘bells and whistles’ is gone. Today’s sales performers need to be problem solvers rather than product pushers.

Sales is a very competitive field that offers good communicators, self-starters and product experts the opportunity to earn high incomes but the pressure to produce in an industry where there are no prizes for second place can be intense.

To succeed in sales you must thrive under pressure, be resilient to constant knock backs and enjoy forging new relationships every day.

Whatever the industry, closing deals is the ultimate goal. With success comes amazing personal satisfaction, but to succeed you must be prepared to put in the time to build a strong client base.

What do sales people do?

As a sales consultant in any industry, your main objective is to sell your product or service to as many clients as possible to earn a profit for your company.

This may take the form of traditional cold calling or telemarketing which is the act of initiating contact with potential customers. This part of the job can be repetitive and confidence sapping but it is an essential skill which must be mastered.

Sales often requires face to face selling where you will work alone to persuade a team of expert customers of the value of your product or service.

Very few commercial purchase decisions are made by individuals, so you will need to be able to communicate with customers at a wide range of levels, often with conflicting agendas.

As the value of a sale increases customers require more evidence that you will deliver results before they will commit. You will need to be able to ask the right questions to find out what really matters to your customers and communicate your benefits in persuasive written proposals.

What you need to be successful

Make no mistake, this is no get rich scheme, a career in professional sales is one of the hardest there is. For the best though, the rewards are very real. We have built our reputation on selecting only the highest calibre of graduates, so the process in getting a job is tough. To be successful you will need to be:

• Bright
• Confident
• Determined
• Ambitious
• Competitive
• Hard Working
• A Great Communicator
• Tenacious

If you can demonstrate these characteristics with energy and professionalism you will be on the fast track to success.

Where could a career in sales lead?

Success in sales can lead to very rapid promotion. Sales led businesses have become adept at spotting talent and reward individuals who deliver results with challenging entrepreneurial assignments.

Typically you can advance from a telemarketing role to field sales role in as little as 1-2 years. As your experience increases you will take on more responsibility for handling larger and more prestigious accounts and selling more complex, higher value products and services.

Promotion into management and ultimately director positions can be equally rapid with the best making it to the top in their late 20’s.

It is possible to utilise the selling skills learned in one industry to transfer to another. Many sales people make the move out of sales into training or recruitment functions or move into the related disciplines of advertising, marketing and public relations (PR).

Sales is also the biggest feeder career for entrepreneurs who use their skills, contacts and money (earned through hefty bonuses) to establish their own businesses.

Candidate Testimonials/Further Information

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