Financial Sales Jobs

Which markets can I get into as a financial sales graduate trainee?

You could find yourself working within commodities, asset management, insurance, foreign exchange, or a range of specialist trading roles.

It should not be a surprise to you that these graduate jobs in financial sales can pay extremely well and that as a result, competition for them is very high. However if you are the right kind of person for the job, this won’t put you off one bit. If anything, it will make you more determined to succeed! People with that sort of natural drive and competitive edge are likely to succeed in financial sales. That’s not all though, you will have to be an excellent communicator, a quick and logical thinker, determined and resilient as well as able to present reasoned and logical argument.

You will of course have a natural interest in the markets and what moves them. You’ll also need to understand why people trade and invest and what makes them do so. There are many different types of investor. If you are working as an asset manager you will first need to work out your client’s attitude to risk. Once you know this, you can then offer them a variety of opportunities to suit their financial needs and match their attitude towards risk; one of the key determining factors to investment.

Within these markets training is essential so you can expect an excellent programme to help develop you to your full potential.

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