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The Tailored Approach

The Tailored Approach

Graduate Sales Recruitment is a competitive market. There are lots of bright graduates out there, but finding those who are not only bright and intelligent but who have the drive & motivation as well as right the skills and attributes can be difficult. In a fast moving, competitive market, the last thing you want to happen is for a competitor or another agency client to snap them up before you do. By taking the tailored approach, we can help dramatically reduce this risk.

The Benefits of The Tailored Approach

The main reason clients choose The Tailored Approach is because it delivers exactly what they are looking for in a short space of time. We also give you candidate exclusivity – we will not offer any other opportunities to candidates until you have either made an offer or decided they are not for you. The other important benefit is the very short turnaround time – typically you will have attended an assessment, selected candidates for final interview and made offers within 2-3 days. By working together and processing candidates quickly, we also reduce the possibility of candidates being offered by external competitors, thus giving you as much choice and control throughout the process as possible. This method is fantastic for multiple vacancies and building teams because candidates go through the selection process together– so when they start they already know each other and have had experience of working together at the assessment.

How does it work?

The first step is for us to market and advertise the specific role at your company that you are trying to fill. What this does is engage candidates in your brand and the opportunity you are presenting; as a result you build loyalty to your company from the first point of contact.
Once applications have been received, the usual telephone interview will take place but candidates will be questioned as to why they applied specifically to your company and the particular role you are recruiting for. Successful candidates will then be invited to attend the assessment centre stage of the process.
Whilst there are no financial sunk costs associated with this method of recruitment, we do need you to invest a few hours of your time to attend the assessment centre that will be run specifically for you. The day and time of this will be arranged to suit you. We will have pre-arranged with you provisional times to interview successful candidates as soon as possible after the assessment. Attending the assessment allows you to see how candidates behave in an environment completely different from the traditional interview scenario. It also allows you to hand pick the strongest and best suited to your business and particular team.