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Why Graduate Recruitment?

Why employ a graduate with no experience to your sales team when there are experienced sales people out there looking for work?

Whilst we believe that academic success is not essential for a career in sales, it is important for sales professionals to understand complex product and service models and communicate their benefits clearly to customers.
We believe that a university education equips graduates with this key ability. In studying for a degree, students are trained to take in huge amounts of information and to summarise that into a reasoned argument in countless essays and exams. This is a highly transferable skill to sales.

In employing a graduate, you are getting a bright young mind with no preconceived ideas about your business, where as an experienced salesperson will often have picked up bad habits which would hinder them in a working for you.
At 1st Place we believe that attitude and aptitude are more important than experience to succeed in sales and our graduates are a blank canvas which you can develop.

By working in partnership with us you will be able to harness their drive and intelligence and mould them to succeed in your business for many years to come.

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