Why Sales and Recruitment

Sales and Recruitment are brilliant career options for those looking to develop their business acumen and skill set whilst earning well above average graduate starting salary.

What is a sales or recruitment career?

Sales and recruitment are both sales careers, selling a service or a product to another company (B2B). By building strong working relationships, you are responsible for bringing new business to your company, therefore driving its success forward. By building these strong working relationships with your clients, you are able to sell the product or service you work with to meet a need the clients has.

What skills and qualities do I need to be successful in sales and recruitment?

Confidence and money motivation are always going to be key. However it is a much more 3 dimensional role than that. Being able to articulately communicate and engage with clients and your colleagues is also essential to success in sales and recruitment. Your ability to develop your skills, focus on results will all help you reach your targets and will enable you to earn well above your basic salary.

You also need to be able to work independently as well as in a team and be able to manage your own work load as sales and recruitment are very autonomous positions. You are responsible for your success in sales and recruitment, and it is your job to build upon the training you will be given to become a consummate sales or recruitment professional.

A hard working, sociable and engaging gradate will do well!

What are rewards of a career in sales or recruitment?

In return for your hard work you will receive training covering all aspects of the sales or recruitment role, the product or service you are selling and business in general. This training generally will continue as you progress. Progression is a great reward in sales and recruitment and can see you reach management/team leadership within 2 years.

Benefits such as private healthcare, gym memberships, company phones, executive lunches and team events are common rewards for your effort in sales and recruitment.

The most important reward in sales and recruitment is the commission. On average, graduates placed by 1PGR earn £32,000 in year one. Commission structures vary but all ensure that you can have an exceptionally lucrative start to your career continuing into your second year (average £56,000, and third year (£102,000).