Interview Advice

Great news, you’ve got the interview. Now maximise your chances of securing the job by acing the interview.

The first thing to note is that all interviews are different so what we have provided below is a general guide. All the advice is sound but check with your recruiter or the company you are interviewing with specifics such as dress code, what to prepare, who is interviewing and what to expect.

Don’t ever be late! Give yourself more time than you need to get there. It takes the stress away of potentially missing your appointment, so you can just focus on impressing.

Do go in professional business wear unless told otherwise. Plain and simple colours and styles will let your answers in the interview stand out, rather than the interviewer being distracted by the Christmas tree print tie or multicoloured, strappy heels you are wearing.

Do take a drink if offered, but stick to something simple like water. It doesn’t delay the interview but gives you something to sip if you need a minute to think, or need to ignore the urge to fill a silence.

Don’t slump in your chair or stare out of the window. Remember good posture shows confidence, eye contact too. And smile!

Do go to your interview well prepared. Don’t only look at the company website, but also the LinkedIn profiles of the interviewers, and news written about the company and speak to anyone you know already in the industry to get an insider’s point of view.

Do take plenty of questions with you. Many will get answered as you go through the process so you want to make sure you have a few insightful things at the conclusion of the interview left to ask.

It sounds obvious but do focus on the job you are applying for and only that job in your interview. Show that you know what the career entails, and have a good argument as to why it is THE career path you want to pursue.

Ask For The Job

Do tell your interviewer how much you want to work at the company, why you want to work there and ask if they have any reservations in hiring you. It is much easier to convince them that their worries are unfounded when you are still with them face to face. Also you will leave knowing you have done everything you could to get that perfect job.​